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From our Kitchen to your Belly

We have our very own production kitchen located in the heart of Stranmillis and run by Jasmin and her team – Steven & Trevor (that’s them in the photo, all nicely groomed for their shoot). Every day Team Jasmin creates our selection by hand, using fresh ingredients from our suppliers, Lynas & North Down.

Each clements Cafe places an order with the team, who then craft each item, perform quality checks, seal and individually label them all! Hundreds of delicious sandwiches, ciabattas, Panini, focaccia and wraps are made daily! The team also prepares huge pots of soups that are gently cooked throughout the day & regularly tasted for flavour development, adding a unique mark to every kind of soup made!

Once Jasmin has added her seal of approval, then it’s Trevor’s turn to deliver all the lovely, hand-made food to each of our cafes ready to be plated up and served to you! So, there you have it. A lot of hard work and passion goes into getting our delicious food from our kitchen to your belly. 

Clements Menu

October, 2017



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